Say hello to Tamale Joe’s, the newest in fast casual dining and the first of its kind. Come experience the tamale tradition passed down generation after generation from Grandma Doña Casi to grandson Jose Morales, the one and only Tamale Joe. Simple in perfection these south of the border favorites are sure to keep you coming back for more.


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Built on the foundation of two cultural classics, the red pork chili and green verde chicken, Tamale Joe’s brings sure to be future favorites to the table for all to experience. And oh what an experience it is… you’ve got:

  • Doña Casi’s Red Pork Chili
  • Doña Casi’s Green Verde Chicken
  • TJ’s Slow-Cooked Brisket
  • TJ’s Southwestern Chipotle
  • TJ’s Jalapeño Cheese
  • TJ’s Poblano Cheese
  • TJ’s Vegan Veggie


There’s something for everyone at Tamale Joe’s- from mouthwatering street tacos to hunger healing baja burritos, the always fresh super salad to our classic steak or chicken quesadilla. All available along with TJ’s Red Spanish and Yellow Cilantro Rice and your choice of TJ’s Black or Pinto Beans. Made fresh every day is the taste you can’t say no to. Come on out and see for yourself.

As Tamale Joe says…


Let’s talk Salsa. Formerly Casa Morales, and now the rebranded signature of the Oh My Joe Salsa Co. brand, Oh My Joe Classico has been a family staple for more than fifty years. Through determination to create a taste that leaves you wanting more, Momma Juanita cooked up a blend of savory tomatoes, ripened jalapenos, and her special mix of spices creating that one of a kind flavor that is in demand across the country.

You’ll find Oh My Joe Classico in kitchens all across America. From the beaches of Honolulu to the shores of Tampa Bay, homes in Bean Town to the Piney Woods of East Texas, Oh My Joe Classico has satisfied the palate of foodies and spice lovers alike. This traditional favorite was also a top award winner at the prestigious Fiery Food International Expo in Dallas, Texas.

We guarantee you’re gonna love this robust, smoky taste of the southwest in every bite. Although classified as a medium heat, it’s gonna wow you! But as Tamale Joe says, “sometimes you gotta ryez-upah!”

Hey everybody, Tamale Joe here, and I’m pumped up and excited to share with you a taste that originated in the majestic mountains of Northern Mexico. It’s a tamale recipe steeped in family tradition. Imagine if you will, ripened corn plucked from the stalk which is embedded in th dark, nutrient-rich earth of the Sierra Madres, shucked and ground into meal, before finally being prepped and kneaded into a masa all by the strong ninety-plus year old hands of my grandmother, Doña Casi. Spread, filled, and wrapped into a dried corn husk, Doña Casi blesses each tamale with love then steams to perfection. It’s that same traditional work ethic, love, and passion in each of our tamales that I’m now happy to share with you at Tamale Joe’s. There’s no doubt in my mind you’re gonna enjoy every bite. Gotta Getcha Some!

Traditional Recipes

Every flavor-packed bite of the Tamale Joe’s menu is cooked to perfection. From the Doña Casi classics to the authentic street tacos, burritos, quesadillas and taco salads. Tamale Joe’s has all you could ever ask for in authentic Mexican cuisine.

Fresh Ingredients

Tamale Joe’s prides itself on freshness and innovation. It’s all in the ingredients, and we pull no punches in recreating Grandma Doña Casi’s traditional tamales. Here at Tamale Joe’s we strive to put the same love and patience into our entire menu using only the best of the best and the freshest of the fresh ingredients.

A Diverse Menu

At Tamale Joe’s, it’s all in the name and we believe we have the best tamales on the planet. But make no mistake the “mmm good” doesn’t stop there. Check out our entire menu and see all the exciting options Tamale Joe’s has to offer for yourself.

steeped in tradition

Tamale Joe & His Grandma Casi

Grandma Casi and her recipes are the cornerstone of all the food here at Tamale Joe’s.

More about Grandma Casi here…

Come by & see us!

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What We’re Known For

Oh My Joe Salsa

Guaranteed to be the best salsa you’ve ever tasted… GOTTA GETCHASOME!

Traditional Tamales

Made from Grandma Casi’s 100 year old recipe, these tamales will literally blow your socks off!

Something Else

Other than the tamales and the salsa, we’re also super well known for…??

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